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Monday, June 13, 2011

What a weekend!

Do you ever have a weekend where nothing is planned - and yet it goes well?!?

That's the weekend I had!

Friday, at the last minute, I was invited to check out a land with a friend for hunting and to possibly lease it for the next year. I, of course, said yes! Different than my usual plans!

The property was so large that we walked the first half of the land, then got back into car and drove to the second half. While walking around the second half, we noticed a car... who were these people?? It's ok that we're out here - right?!??

Turns out they were also checking out the land for hunting. We stayed and chatted for a while. They then invited us to their hunting camp. We jumped back into our truck and followed them down a long, dirt road. The camp was much further down the road then we were expecting, and along the way, they jumped out and shot a snake.... At this point, we were really wondering about the these people! Everything turned out well, and we had fun hanging out with 'new friends'!

Here are a few photos of the day:

Saturday, I worked on my Etsy shop. I made a banner out of burlap:

I also posted pictures of my birdcage veil that I made:

I'm not 100% happy with this picture of the veil.... I may change up the background a bit... we'll see!

I also made a bow tie which I will be adding to my Etsy shop:

Right now, this bow tie is one size - not adjustable. I really want to figure out how to make it adjustable before listing it for sale.... so for now, this is just a sneak peek!

Sunday was a lazy day... caught up on tv shows, made cookies, hung out with some friends.

Overall - a wonderful weekend!!

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