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Friday, August 26, 2011

Things are getting crazy!

So it's been a while since I've blogged.. I know. I think my last three posts say the same thing!

Right now, I feel that I need to gather myself, and I find it best to write it out... which would explain this post!

Harley Boy Designs has had some good craziness happen recently. Several orders came in which included 7 cake toppers and 800 paper straws with flags! All the supplies should be here today (via Fed Ex and The Postal Service), so you know that I'll be doing this weekend...

I've added more items to the shop, which makes me happy - but I know I still need more. This weekend, If I get some free time, I have new signs that I'm gonna try to take pictures of and add to the shop. My goal is to have enough inventory so that I can start advertising on wedding blogs/web sites. Right now, I need more items to make the advertising worth while.

I just finished filling in my calendar, and wow - the next three months are gonna be crazy too! Craziness includes 2 (possible 3) out of town trips, a friend visiting 2 weekends, three football games to attend, lots of football games to 'tailgate' at home for, and three weddings to attend - all while filling my Etsy shop and filling orders, and.... Our 1 Year Anniversary!! I can't believe it's been almost a year already!!

My calendar is full! Also - I had a previous bride who ordered from me mention she may be needing 200 coasters for a wedding reception!

If only I didn't need sleep and had to work - I could conquer the world! (maybe!)

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