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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Busy around the home...

Besides staying busy with my Etsy shop, football, trips out of town, Mike and I have stayed busy around the house!

Last weekend, we planted broccoli (on the left) and cauliflower (on the right). We've never tried to grow these in the past, so we are pretty excited to see how it goes!!

We also finished setting up Helga (the witch) and her cats - fitted with a broom and lamp. At night, there is a spot light the shines right behind her showing only her silhouette!

On the other side of the driveway is the cemetery - bones, ghost (upper right corner) and tombstones! We are thinking this year for Halloween that Mike may be a 'scarecrow' that lives in the cemetery. I'll be luring the kiddos to come up the driveway for candy while he sneaks up behind them to scare them!

If you didn't know, allowing Mike to scare the kids is the only way I can get him to dress up!

Year one - He was a scare crow that sat 'dead like' on the front porch with the bowl of candy in his lap. He would jump up and chase the kids down the driveway!

Year two - He stayed on the roof and dropped a homemade ghost on top the of kids.

Year Three - we used his head as a prop on the table. A friend of ours also joined in on the fun (he's in the silver mask). By the time trick or treating started, the table was full of heads and candy. The best part was when the kids had NO CLUE the heads were real. All of a sudden, these heads would start moving and talking! so much fun!

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