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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Flower Bed

 In the back left corner, we decided to put in a big flower bed.  Within this flower bed will also be an area for a small table and chairs and also for the hammock stand.  We calculated how big the area was going to be so that we could get enough mulch and edging.  Just under 400 sq ft!!!  That's huge!

Not much going on.  There use to be lots of bushes and trees here.  Now - just lots of dirt.

 Pretty sad looking.
As we took out bushes and trees in the whole yard, we kept finding round stepping stones!  Random!  I took the stepping stones and made a path through the 'soon to be' garden.   
 These bird feeders will be emptied in ONE day!!!  Yes - the squirrels dump a lot out, but there are a TON of birds that visit.

 So much better!!  All of these plants were dug out of my mom's yard - Thanks mom!  Later, I want to add more plants, more color, add bird houses, etc. 
 Love this sitting area!
Obviously, grass is still needed just outside the garden.

 We got a little dirty......!

This was a LONG, HOT day, but totally worth it.  
I'm excited to add more to this area and watch it all grow.

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