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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's been a while....

So I have been crazy busy for the last.... year (or so it seems)! Two weekends ago, Mike and I traveled to south Florida to see his parents, then traveled over to Boca Raton for a buddies wedding. Last weekend, we traveled to Santa Rosa Beach (right outside of Destin, FL) for our neighbors wedding. Both weekends were GREAT!! I don't have any pictures since my camera sucks!! (It drains batteries so fast that I'm fed up and refuse to use it!) Just imagine two outdoor weddings that could not have been any better!

This weekend, we have a busy schedule!!! The wedding invitations are being put together - assembly line style! I know it's early, but I will be so happy when they are done! Everything will be done and ready to mail out (when the time comes!) I will (using someone's camera) take lots of pictures of all the ladies having fun - No boys allowed!!!

One project that I will be working on is a peg board (framed out nicely) that will hold my craft supplies. Currently, they all sit on my work station, which defeats the purpose of a work station. I will take lots of pictures (step by step) of that project as well! It will look similar to the picture below, but with my creative touches!

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