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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I know it's been a while since my last post - with work being so crazy, the time just hasn't been there!!

Things to report:

We have officially hit the 2 month mark till the wedding (as of yesterday)! Where did the time go??!?!! I'm so glad that I started several projects a while ago. If I hadn't, I'm sure the stress level of planning a wedding would be much greater!!

All the Boutonnieres were done! Then my dog ate one.

The wedding invitations are done and will be mailed out tomorrow!

The DJ has been hired! We just have to meet sometime this month (which is almost over!) to nail down certain songs.... which we haven't chosen yet!

The catering menu is complete! Which the mix of southern food with sea food, I was drooling at our 'meeting' with the catering team.

The wedding favors (which ended up being chosen on a whim) have been purchased, and will be put together really soon!

My wedding dress is currently getting altered. I forgot that my dress had a small train. Having a train was something I didn't want.... but I have one now, and have to live with it! Next month, I go back for the fitting.

Non-wedding related: My wisdom teeth are getting removed this Friday. I know I will be in total agony this weekend, but I'm most excited about sleeping ALL day Friday, and hopefully Saturday. I need some time to do nothing!

That's all to report for now. Be back soon!

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