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Monday, September 13, 2010

Head Table Decorations

Do you remember this post about the head table decoration that I was going to make?? Well yesterday, I made it!

Here are a few pictures that show how I made it.

I found the pattern from They have lots of designs that they will make custom for you! I made the design poster size on Microsoft Publisher and printed it out on several pieces of paper. Then I laid the papers out and taped them together.

Next, I started cutting out the design. I have seen a few tutorials on how to make a head table monogram, but everyone used white material, so it was easy to lay the fabric over the design and trace. Burlap isn't a material that can be seen through.... so I had to come up with a different plan!

As I started cutting out the design, it got very flimsy. I stopped half way through to keep part of it sturdy.

I then used tape to hold down the patter and traced around it with a black pen.

After the design was traced out, I went back with black craft paint and a small paint brush and filled in the design. This took a while....!

Here's the final product!

I took the burlap to the sewing machine and sewed the edges to have a cleaner look. Here's what it looks like hanging from a table (sorry - this is a bad picture that was taken with the camera phone).

I love the final product! It will look so good!!


  1. Good idea! Very cute! Saw you over at "Oops..."
    link-up party.

  2. Very nice. I've been planning to do a stenciled burlap table runner for fall as well! Love your monogram design.

  3. I love how that turned out! Looks like it was a lot of work, but very worth it in the end. =)

  4. WOW!!! I love this table runner. Great idea! Well worth the time it took to make.

    I hope you can stop by this Sunday to my Show Off Sunday Party. I would love for you to share your project with my followers. :)

  5. that is gorgeous! I love it. Great job

  6. What a great how it turned out. That stencil would look great used in a wall hanging too.

  7. I used the same template for the aisle runner for our wedding! It turned out great!

  8. that looks great! how special. your countdown showed a little over a month...congratulations!