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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding and more wedding......

Wedding invites are out and each day, we get a few RSVP's in the mail. So far, 50 have said yes!

This past weekend, Mike and I went down south to visit his parents. Mike's mom, sister, and I got several wedding things done! One included making this cute yellow banner that will hang in the back ground of the reception building.

(Ignore the wrinkles - it's been sitting in a bag!)

The next step is to add letters to each 'flag'. There are a total of 2 banners. They will read "Congratulations" "Ashley & Mike".

If you look in the background of the picture above, you can see the road signs that I made earlier this year. Because the location of the wedding is way out of town, down a long, curvy road, I felt it was necessary to have directional signs.

Also in the background, you can see how my 'craft room' is being flooded with wedding decorations!

Half of the wedding favors were completed. (I tried to upload a picture.... It didn't work)

We also visited Pottery Barn - love that store! I have been looking for a metal wire bird cage to put cards in at the wedding. Here's the closest thing I could find.

It's made for a very large candle - I plan on lining it with burlap (which will match the runners on the table). The only part that will be 'open' will be the top. Cards will easily slide in!

Lastly, I plan on painting a monogram on a piece of burlap which will sit on the head table. Below is a large print out of what the image will look like. The 'C' in the middle will be painted black as well as the design.

Lots of things to still do!!! and only 1 month, 16 days left... Oh my!!

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