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Monday, November 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never!

Because the wedding was in October, Halloween did not get as much attention as it should have. I found this really great design earlier in the year and just held on to it until a free weekend!

Martha Stewart has the cutest ideas! Check out the with and cats:

Here is the stencil for the witch:

Long story short, we ended up with an extra piece of plywood in the garage that really needed to get used and free up some space. So I decided to tackle the witch and cats this past weekend! (sure, they will sit in the closet until next year, but I'll be ready for Halloween 2011!)

First, you print out the stencil (see above for the link). Tape them together. Each paper has a mark in each corner to line everything up right.

Once the whole witch (or cats) are taped together, cut out the shape.

When you are ready to cut, the website says to use a spray adhesive and stick it on the wood - you would then cut around the stencil. I just traced out the witch and cats, then threw the stencil away.

After you cut the wood, attach a metal pipe on the back (for the witch, have 12 inches hanging over the bottom). When I tried to put her in the ground, the pipe moved up her back instead of down in the dirt - so I hammered the end to create a 'point'. The pole went in the ground much better!

The last step is to paint her black!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Helga! See ya next year Helga!

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