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Monday, November 22, 2010

The picture above is the horrible, outdated, tacky floral wallpaper that is in our dinning room/kitchen. You have to understand that I live in a rental home - if this were my home that was purchased, the wall paper would have been removed day 1! In fact, I would have tore out the whole kitchen (you'll see why in just a minute).

I have lived with this wall paper for the past 3 years, and to be completely honest, I often forget that it is there. I know - that is hard to believe. It almost makes you sick to look at it!!

This weekend, I got a wild hair to paint the wall. I know my landlord most likely will be mad that I painted - probably isn't allowed - but could you blame me????!!!

Here is the final result with the furniture put back into place.

I decided to continue into the kitchen which had plain white walls. What a tiny, horrible kitchen! So outdated!

I have to admit - It looks a little bit better with the paint - but still NOT my dream kitchen!

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