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Monday, February 21, 2011

Great weekend!

To start off our relaxing weekend, I made apple turnovers!
(From a box - Pillsbury to be exact - I'm not THAT good! : )

So yummy!!

With this wonderful weather that we've been having, a tree in our back yard has decided to bloom! The color is so bright!

The white square located under the tree is a target - Mike recently took up bow hunting and is practicing in the back yard. I must say, he is pretty good!

After Breakfast, Mike, the dog, and I headed out with the boat to go fishing. We headed up to Lake Iamonia. The weather was wonderful!

We didn't get any bites, but we did see alligators! Here are two that are sun bathing. Can you see them???

Overall, a GREAT weekend!


  1. those look yummy! send me one! lol

  2. Michael told me about the tree, but seeing it pretty!!!
    Aren't you glad now that Jake didn't go swimming????
    Love Mom