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Sunday, February 27, 2011

LOTS of Chicken Pies!

This past Christmas, I gave my grandparents 'home cooked meals' once a month as their gift (A gift that keeps on giving!). My plan is to make each month's meal twice for them, so they actually have two meals a month. Each meal that I prepare gets vacuum sealed and frozen, and when they choose, they can then pull out a meal and reheat it. Last month, I made Chicken Parmesan. This month - Chicken Pot Pie!

The recipe:

(This recipe makes 1-9 inch chicken pot pie - but you will see in my pictures that I actually made six!)

4 chicken breast halves
2 cans of mixed veggies - drained
1 can of cream of chicken - concentrated
pie crust
pie pan

Start by boiling your chicken:

Cut your chicken in to small pieces - Because I had LOTS of chicken, I pulled out my food processor - which cut the chicken really fast!

Here is a picture of all the ingredients I used. The cans of cream of chicken that I used were the big ones (because I was making so many). The recipe calls for the small regular sized cans.
As you can see - I like to buy 'Great Value' products!! Yeah for Wal Mart prices!

Mix the chicken, soup, and veggies. Then fill the pie pan. Because I had so many, I worked in an assembly line!

I did not use a crust on the bottom, but if you could certainly do that!

Make sure your pie crust is at room temperature!

Lay the crust on top of the pan, then press the edges so the juices from the pie don't leak out when it's being cooked.

Also, cut slits in the crust.

From here, you would normally cook it - at 375 for 45 mins. But for my needs, I vacuum sealed each one, then stacked them in the freezer!

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