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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big News!

With all fingers and toes crossed, Mike and I will be signing away next week to buy this house!!

Let me back up.... on our one year anniversary (October 23rd) we put in an offer on this house. Yes - our traditional paper anniversary gift was putting in an offer!! After going back and forth with the sellers, and patiently waiting for the bank (this was a short sale), we finally had an accepted offer!

We've had inspection after inspection.... and lots of paperwork!

Once we have keys in hand, there are MANY projects just waiting to be done! Several of the trees/bushes that you see in the picture have plans to be removed.

Our goal is to move out of our rental by the end of December!

The property is located out Bucklake Road - pass open fields, cows, and horses. It's a little bit of the country - which we both love! It's a 3 Bedroom 2 Bath on a half acre, laminate flooring with ceramic tile in the baths and kitchen and vaulted ceilings!

Here is the view of the street: