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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Almost everyday, I think to myself - I need to update my blog... I need up post pictures of the house projects that have occurred, I need to post before and after pictures.. Yea - none of that has happened!

So here's what's been going on:
  • The backyard has been getting a face lift. Mike has been working like a mad man cutting down dead trees, replanting bushes, pulling out dead bushes, etc. Today, we have a company coming in to remove 3 very large dead trees. We knew when we bought the house this was something that had to be done. trust me - I would rather spend this money on the house and not on dead trees! It will be interesting to see what it looks like tonight!
  • The painting in the house is almost done. EVERYTHING in the house needed to be painted. I started off with the vaulted ceilings before we moved in. ALL the trim, window sills, and baseboards needed THREE coats of white paint (shoot me now!) Then the living room, halls, kitchen and all three bedrooms were painted next. And lastly, I painted the stripes in my bathroom (worlds longest project ever!! I'll never paint stripes again!) I still have the guest bathroom to do and the laundry room... but that's gonna have to wait for the day I don't wanna throw up by looking at a paint brush.Master Bath Stripes
  • ALL the doors need to be painted... There are 15 doors total - trust me... I counted. Now, I work with a painter at work, so I'm pulling a favor and he's gonna come over and do them for me. He has a spray gun which will make the job SO much easier. Did I mention they are 6 panel doors??? Yes - that would be a paint in the you-know-what to paint with a brush!
  • The master bath shower needed to be re-grouted. You see, when there are gaps in between your tile without grout, water can get back there... which can cause damage. This was not something I wanted to do.... but rather had to do.
  • Also, the tub faucets in both bathrooms were leaking. That day, I learned to be a plumber! With a fancy tool, I managed to take apart both faucets, replaced a part, then put them back together.

(Fancy Tool)

  • The living room ceiling fan and one bedroom fan weren't working when we bought the house, so those had to be replaced. Thanks to a friend, we both became electricians that day!
  • Our poor dog isn't use to laminate floors.... So my mom treated me to a day trip to Destin, FL for some shopping! I picked up many items needed for the house - the BIGGEST purchase was a rug for the living room (8 ft x 10 ft). I also bought a few smaller ones for the front and back door and the bedroom. The dog is much happier now that he isn't sliding all over the place!
  • Most of the screens in the house were broken, ripped, or missing all together - not a good thing when you want to air our your house! All of these were fixed.

I'm sure there are many other things that have been done - I'll try to get on here a little more frequently to post the pictures I have.

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