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Monday, May 28, 2012

Putting our house back together... (Part 1)

My blog has been neglected....  One big reason - a tree threw us for a loop!!!

A few months ago, a storm passed through and the top half of a pine tree in our backyard broke off and fell through my craft room.  Here is a series of how we put our house back together.

The craziest part: although we had been in the house maybe 2 months, we had only made one mortgage payment."Welcome to Home Ownership!"

The branch pierced all the way across the room and touched the other wall.  It broke several trusses in the attice, punched holes in our hallway and in the linen closet as well. All the insulation and sheet rock fell down and covered my stuff on my work table.  The plus side:  Our house smelled like Pine Sol for quite some time!

A neighbor who saw the tree on the house called the tree company who was JUST at our house five days earlier, so by the time our 'freak out' moment finally ended, they pulled up in the drive way with their truck and started to remove the tree and tarp up the roof.

The next day, we put on our gloves and pulled out the chain saw and ax and started to cut up the tree.
Once everything was pulled away from the house, we noticed exterior damage (most of the damage is hidden under that tarp the the right of the picture)

Here's the top of the tree that broke off.
I think we have plenty of wood for the up coming winter....
(Stay tuned for part 2)

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