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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This past weekend, Mike, myself, and a friend, Diana, went to Pensacola to see an Ice Flyers hockey game. I was never a hockey fan - in fact, the sport was forgein to me! But now I can officially say that I'm a fan! (So is Mike!!)

Here's a view from our seats!

Diana's boyfriend, Aaron (aka Hagrid) works with the Ice Flyers. His nick name is 'The Big Show'. He was running around the civic center the whole time running the show! Good Job Hagrid!!

After the game (which they lost horribly 7-0) we got the chance to ice skate! I'm not a pro by any means and Mike had never ice skated before! For the first few laps, he held on to the wall! At one point, he had traveled away from the edge. He says to me "Get me back to the edge!" I go to grab his arm and he then says "Don't touch me!!!!" Diana happened to capture that moment! ha ha ha!!!

When packing for this trip, I forgot to pack socks! I am a flip flop girl, and didn't need socks for my everyday wear! We, however, made a trip to Walmart to buy socks. I found these beauties for $3.50. They are really soft and go up to the knee! They would have been great to winter! I also forgot to pack regular jeans! My capri pants were the closest thing to pants! I have to admit, they look pretty silly with ice skates!
Diana loved my 'fashion statement', so she took a picture!

Overall, we had a GREAT weekend! Lots of fun, saw great friends, ate and drank too much!!

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  1. My fiance lives in Pensacola and he LOVES the Ice Flyers, ive been to two games and hes getting season tickets next year! ha ha i didnt even know anyone else went to those games!