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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did you notice that banner at the top of the page?? Yeah - the one that is counting down to the wedding?!?! We have officially hit the six month mark (well, we did a few days ago!)

This month - I have to send out the Save the Dates, order the wedding invitations (as as you all know, I'm making mine!), and choose a florist.

I'm currently working on the Save the Dates which should be ready to mail this week - I hope!

I haven't talked to a florist.. probably should do that - Maybe this weekend since I have nothing on my calendar!! Whoa! Having an empty/nothing planned weekend is rare!

I really don't know what kind of bouquet to get. I worked at a florist for a few years, and I know what kind of flowers I don't want... but what about the ones that I like??

Maybe a white and green wedding bouquet?

Or maybe a colorful one??

Perhaps white with some color?

Remember me mentioning the engagement session that Mike and I had to model for?!?! Well here are a few pictures:

We drove about 45 minutes down to Crawfordville -what was the location?!? A random spot on the side of the road where old, rusty cars were laid to rest. We had a blast!! Can't wait to share the rest with you!

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