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Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm not going to say I'm the cleanest person out there, but I do not live in filth.. nor do I let the outside of my home look like filth.....

Last week, we found a very large pile of trash next to one of our properties.... (for those who do not know, I work in property management - rental homes, apartments, etc.) It was discovered that this one property (who I will not mention the name of in case someone reading this happens to live there) has a few individuals that like to live in and around filth...... which is NOT ok!!!!

Take a look at these pictures.... the first one is looking from the edge of the building. As you can see, this is the property line - on the other side of the fence is an 8 foot drop - nothing is on this land except trees and wildlife.

Getting closer to the filth.... Can you see the trash???

OMG!!!! Someone (or persons) have been throwing their trash over the fence for months!!!!! Yes - there is a large dumpster on this property.. in fact it is maybe 50 feet from the building. But apparently that was too far for someone to walk.

Today is clean up day.... we have hired a company to cut our fence, and some how (still not sure how) haul all this trash up the 8 foot wall and remove the trash. The fun part!?!? We get to dig through the trash to find a name or address. That person will be getting a lovely (and probably quite large) bill for cleaning up their mess.

How can someone live like this??? Why do they think throwing their trash over the fence is ok?? The only reason we found it (and trust me, because of the trees, bushes, and large drop, you would never know it was there!) someone complained of the smell. I guess trash doesn't do well in heat!?!??!

Come on people.....!


  1. that is disgusting!! do YOU have to dig for an address or information?

  2. I volunteered to. Hey - it got me out of the office! But My schedule may not allow it....