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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Favors.

Are wedding favors a must??

While planning for the wedding, I have tried to come up with a wedding favor idea, and I'm stuck. Do people really care?? Wedding favors aren't cheap! Some advice was to have wedding favors for each couple, but how do you control that? Create a sign that says 'One per couple'??

I have decided to have a poll and get reader's opinions.

I'll wait until Friday for the final results! Thanks in advance for helping out!


  1. I have been to some that give a donation instead of favors - an organization that means something to you guys. Just a thought.

    We did shot glasses. I like the koozie's too - something people use later and think of you guys. I think candy bags are a waste. :) Just my thoughts!

  2. I disagree, from everything I've read/ my experiences edible favors are the best choice, they can be the cheapest and the majority of people take them and eat them pretty much at the reception ive seen and heard many stories of people spending money on CDs or ornaments or whatever and the majority of them get left behind. Its really personal preference but I think edible favors tend to be the best idea. especially if you're on a budget. I dont know that favors are an absolute must I dont think if i was at a wedding id be like hey. wheres my favor? or be offended I didnt get anything, ha ha