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Friday, January 14, 2011

Framed Tile Art

This project started quite a long time ago... and I finally got around to finishing it the other day!
(and because I started it a long time ago, I don't have pictures of the first few steps..... sorry!)

Materials needed:
A large image printed on glossy paper
Wood to attach the tiles to
Trim (used to create the frame)
Glue or Mod Podge
Grout (or silicon)

I first started with an image that I found online. I took it to Kinko's and had them enlarge the photo, then printed it off on glossy paper - try to get the cheapest type of paper they have!!

(FYI on enlarging your print - first figure out the measurements of your tiles. Kinko's will try to make the print the same size, cropping where needed.)

I then cut the print into 6 equal squares (my tiles are 6" x 6")

Using Mod Podge, I glued the squares on the tiles - try not to have any air bubbles!

Here's what it looked like at the point:

Using my new handy dandy Christmas gift (a Compound miter saw!) I cut the trim pieces down to size and on a 45 degree angle.

(ignore the extra pieces of trim pieces - This is why the project stopped last time - I had cut the trim pieces too short!)

Because it was SSSSOOOOO cold that night, my husband suggested we bring the nail gun (connected to a compressor!) in the house. (Redneck style!)

Yes please! Anything to get out of the cold!

This is how we attached the trim to the back piece of wood.

I then painted the trim with a blue paint (and a little bit of white paint), then sanded it to give it the distressed, beachy look.

Be sure to paint your wood before you attach your tiles!

I used liquid nail to attach the tiles.

Here's how it looked before grouting between the tile.

In the past, I have used a clear silicon which turns out well. For this project, I decided to try grout. What I found was this tube of caulk at Home Depot. It looks and acts just like grout - many colors to choose from, and you can choose between sanded and non-sanded versions.

Once you squeeze the caulk in the seams, you have to wipe it down with a wet finger to clean up the extra.

Here is the final look. Only thing left to do is attach a hanger to it, and hang it on the wall!
(FYI - it will be heavy, so make sure you use a good hanger and attach it to a stud in the wall!)

I think I may use my cricut and cut from black vinyl 'The Big Red' and put it in the white space above the fish.... hhhmmmm.....

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